Transcript of 2015 Bill Autobus Job Task

Matthew Herring2015 – Nib Manager Occupancy LaborMatthew Herring 2015Menses CustomersMeasuring try it on SuccessResources/Goals/StrategyQ1 PerformanceQ2/Q3 Existing FunnelMalimar – CDN: $14,400PPPSW – MPLS: $5,900PPPSW – SSA: $1.000Verimatrix – DIA: $1,000Verimatrix – DIA: $1,200Rubios – DIA:$1.000Rubios – MPLS: RFPSambreel – DIA:$2,500Transcore – VPLS:$6,000Officia – Conv: $3,000

Add: $36,000Quota: $30,000Grade: C+Delta:

($8,940)Account BaseTop TargetsNew Fiber FootprintLocal LeadershipNetworkingEcoSystemSuccessful PeersMarketingToolbeltStrategyCold CallingNetworking PartnersOverlay SupportMarketing EventsProactive Engineering DesignCustomer ReferralsSystems/ProcessesAgendaTeem Executing

Blossom DiscussionCold Calling/Field TimeMarketing EventsNetworkingOverlay Reinforcement/EcoSystemTarget Account SellingStrategy Propose Implementation SATLeadershipMarketingLead GenProactive Engineering TeamCollege ConnectCustomer/Marketer Happy HoursTorrey PinesPadres GamesProperty Focusing LunchesNew techniquesOutside the Box ThinkingPartnering with team for Meliorate PracticeMore Face-2-Face time with CustomersCisco Pardner theory to multiple vendorsAdam Elasowich to introduce to othersChuck Day cookery Entropy Center eventsGoalsFully schematic vendor networkAccount Perceptiveness 75% in target accounts50% Funnel contributions from star exchanges80% Quota AttainmentComplete Understanding of new systems/tools/processesEmerging Leaders ProgramNew LogosNew PartnersWeekly KPIs10 Hours Field Time4 Establishment to Spunk Meetings30 Strategic Emails50 Telephony Calls1 Luncheon/Happy Hr 1-2 Inside calls with Overlay teamsIdentify top 5 accounts that would upbeat from TAS analysis

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