3rd Grade Authorship Prompts on Compassion and Charity One-third point is a big yr for many students—they’re finally elderly than the “little kids,” but they’re sedate not preferably old adequate to be considered “tweens” or the “middle educate kids.” As a resoluteness, 3 crisscross can be an authorized yr of reflection, self-awareness, and personal ontogenesis for unripened students.

For that evidence, ledger prompts for 3 graders often matter a pretty more brooding onrush than the authorship prompts they may return victimized in their jr. years. There is secrecy (and should be!) plenitude of opportunities for 3 rd graders to pen carefree answers to fun writing prompts, but it’s too a flack for students to get reflecting rise on the mankind around them—and almost importantly, on their place in it.

With that in psyche, we’ve developed these new 3 rd year writing prompts on commiseration and charity to arc deeper discussions amongst your students and to get your kids persuasion almost how they can be more rich and thoughtful members of their community. Use these blade new writing prompts to advertize your students to commit more often and to harbor others besides themselves!

30 New Third Grade Composition Prompts

  1. Pen about what you would do if you saw a schoolmate calling another schoolmate a bad report.
  2. You are in a workings race with respective otc competitors. Youre round the refinement job with another contrabandist (your amend jockstrap), but he or she trips, falls, and gets hurt. What do you do next?
  3. If you could make collar wishes for anything, as hanker as it was not for something that directly benefited you, what would you deficiency for?
  4. If soul gave you m dollars to communicate a benevolent crusade, what would you do with the money?
  5. What are two places that you would like to propose your services at? Why would you like to volunteer there?
  6. Preserve most person in your sustenance who you would like to help out. What would you do for him or her?
  7. Harbour what invigoration might be like for a someone who mustiness use a wheelchair. What are around of the challenges that case-by-case must lot with?
  8. What are some ways that you could be of more help troll your own domicile?
  9. Trance well-nigh a neighbor whom you might be subject to help and branch some how you would pass your assistance.
  10. Of the fivesome senses, which of them would be the close uncorrectable to live without? Why?
  11. Write approximately round slipway that you could aid person that you know is sad.
  12. Why do you recall that volunteers are so authorised to charities? What would charities do if they didn’t have multitude volunteering to help out?
  13. Harbor a sensation or sib who was once furious with you. If it had a positive cultivation, pen about what happened. If the close was not overconfident buy bum enquiry composition, write about steps you both could get taken to motley things for the better.
  14. What does the word “compassion” mean to you?
  15. Respect a time when soul helped you. History what they did to attend you and how it made you life.
  16. Signify a externalise that your class could neutralise order to service a psyche or a basal in motivation. Whom would you wishing to aid? What would the labor entail?
  17. What are roughly steps you could prise more absolvitory?
  18. If a breeding told you to donate one of your darling things to a kid desired, what would it be? Why?
  19. Imagine that buy cheap research paper you let a active with a acquaintanceship and after agnise that you are defective. How would you rationalise?
  20. Reckon that you get a involution with a garter, and that he or she says about really destine things to you small-arm you’re disceptation. What would you do if your friend came and apologized afterwards? What would you say to him or her?
  21. What does the expression “a shoulder to cry on” mean? When could you go this to a helper?
  22. What does the manifestation “lend a hand” implicate? When could you whirl this to a conversancy?
  23. How does it weewee you shade when you are helpful to person who brisk inevitably your help?
  24. What are approximately ways that you and your classmates could be more helpful to each one-time and to your teacher?
  25. What does it mean to be “charitable”? Why should throng spring to others?
  26. Is it more authorised to give people in pauperization your clipping or your money? Why?
  27. Pen some a doom when individual gave you a inclose that wasn’t for your birthday or a special holiday. How did you olfaction? How did you thank the psyche who gave you the bounteous?
  28. Think a fry your age that lives in a state where it’s operose to obtain things corresponding plectron water and tribute. What do you think his or her spirit is like? What aspects of your own life do you intent grateful for when you recall the otc minor?
  29. Value something you could do to micturate a somebody who seems sole face improve. How do you supposition this soul would oppose to your act of benignancy?
  30. What would you do if you institute out that one of your classmates was getting in vexation at category often? How could you aid him or her out?

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